Frying with oil: What goes with the olive oil and other oils – What to look out for.

When cooking at high temperature (like frying) should use oils that are stable and does not oxidize easily.When the oils undergo oxidation, react with oxygen to form free rizes roots and harmful compounds, you certainly don't need to consume.When you think what frying oil you choose, the most important factor which setting the resistorsof any oil on the oxidation and Rancidity, so highand in low temperature, is relative degree saturated fatty acids in this. Saturated fat have only simple links the molecules of fatty acids: monounsaturated fats have a double bond, and many unsaturated fats have two or more.Are they exactly double bonds which react chemically and is sensitive to heat.Saturated and only unsaturated fats are quite resistant to heating, but for cooking should avoid the oils that are high in polyunsaturated fats.

As  olive oil for frying In olive oil is well known for his contribution to a healthy heart and is believed to be a basic reason for the benefits of Mediterranean diet.

Many researches show that olive oil can improve the bioindicators of general health.Can increase HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce the amount ofoxidized, LDL (bad) cholisterol which circulates in the blood. analysis of fatty acids in olive oil:

Saturated: 14%

Monounsaturated: 75%

Polyunsaturated: 11%

Studies about olive oil suggests that despite the fact it has fatty acids with a doublelinks, you can use it for cooking and frying, asIt is quite resistant to heat. Make sure that you choose a quality extra virgin olive oil.Has much more nutrients and antioxidants from the remaining olive oil.Keep the oil in a cool, dry and dark place to prevent Rancidity.

Oil for frying: what happens with vegetable oils and vegetable oils the oils from industrial seeds production and vegetable oils are highly processed products that are too rich in omega-6 fatty acids.Not only should I not fry with them, but rather you should avoid completely!These oils have been erroneously considered healthy for the heart from some media update from many professional nutritionist the last decades . recent surveys linking these oils with many serious diseases, including heart disease and cancer.Avoid frying in general all of the following:

Soybean Oil,corn oil, Cottonseed, sunflower, Rapeseed Canola and sesame oil, Grapeseed Oil